Videoconference with Ricard Carneborn of Smoothcomp

Videoconference with Ricard Carneborn of Smoothcomp

In late 2017 I have heard about the Software Smoothcomp for martial arts tournaments. After I have given it a try I fell in love with it immediately. The Software helped me so much by organizing and hosting competitions, that I almost couldn’t believe it. Running our first events for ADCC was a “pain in the ass” workwise. Collecting registrations, adding athletes to their divisions and of course creating the brackets have ment a lot of paperwork and even more hours of hard work. Smoothcomp made all of this quite easy in almost no time and so we decided to host our events from January 2018 soley with this software. The success was tremendous. With real ease we have held big competitions like the ADCC German Open Championships, as well as our almost monthly Shooto events.

We even booked a “Federation Platform” on Smoothcomp, so we can use the wide range of additional tools, most importantly the rankings system. Due to this fact we have the first computerbased ranking system for Shooto in world, where right after the competition the results are published with advanced statistics and the rankings are updated automatically. This is the major benefit, which not only safes me a lot of hours of work, but makes the rankings more transparent. In real time!

To discuss the future use of Smoothcomp for all european, and maybe all Shooto events worldwide, I will have a videoconference with the innovator of Smoothcomp, Ricard Carneborn, tomorrow. We will discuss some issues, on how we can use the software for Shooto, to make unified and clear rankings available in all european countries and hopefully even in Asia, most importantly in Japan. This would be a huge step for Shooto, which I have discussed already with Rumina Sato last week in Japan.

I will keep all of you posted with the outcome of the conference. Meanwhile I encourage you to visit the website of Smoothcomp and create a free account for you and your Gym. Get used to the many features the Software offers and start understanding its great value.

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