The road to Japan 2019

The road to Japan 2019

For decades the most prestigious Amateur Shooto event in the world was privileged only to fighters from the Japan: the annual All Japan Shooto Championships! For sure this is the most challenging Amateur MMA event in the world, as it has been the proven breeding ground for international Superstars, as for the likes of Rumina Sato, Takanori Gomi, Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto and many many others. If you become the Champion in this Amateur Shooto competition, you will be for sure  a name on the global market.

In a meeting at the beginning of October this year in Odawara (Japan) the Chairman of the Japan Shooto Association Rumina Sato agreed, that from 2019 on all finalists of the annual European Shooto Championships will be granted to compete in this worldclass event  in Japan!

What does this mean for Shooto in Europe? First of all the european Shooto events must meet the standards and rules of the Japan Shooto Association to guarantee, that our fighters will be prepared and familiar with the official Shooto rules. By establishing Shooto Rankings and an official event calender on Smoothcomp we build the framework for standardized competitions all over Europe. The annual European Shooto Championships will be the once-a-year-opportunity for the fighters to qualify for the biggest and most prestigious Shooto competition in the world.

We ask all Shooto Gyms in Europe to prepare their fighters well and register them for all upcoming competitions in Europe, as experience will be the key to success in the European Championships. The next European Championships will determine who will represent Europe on the big stage in Japan! Let’s do this!

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