The new way of Shooto in Europe

The new way of Shooto in Europe

Shooto is the mother of Mixed Martial Arts. Even before the term “Mixed Martial Arts” has been created Shooto has hosted fights under safe and certain rules in Japan. Years before the first “UFC” has been held…

I am in love with Shooto from the first day back in the 90’s, when I saw a match of a japanese fighter, submitting his opponent only in seconds by a flying armbar. The name of this japanese fighter was Rumina Sato, now head of the Japan Shooto Association and a dedicated and hard working enthusiast, whose goal is to make Shooto even more established and powerful, as it is already. Shooto must become a global player!

The biggest obstacle in obtaining this goal in the past years has been the language barrier between Shooto Japan and the rest of the world. Now, with Rumina Sato in charge, this changed tremendously.

Due to the fact that he is bound 24/7 with his business in Indonesia and worldwide, former Head of Shooto Europe Martijn deJong asked for my support and work power, to keep Shooto strong in Europe. Under his supervision I agreed to commit my full power to Shooto in Europe. Many dedicated martial artist throughout Europe do a very good job and work very hard, but even here in Europe the communication between the representatives could be much better for the benefit of Shooto.

This is the reason why I have created this website. To provide a platform for communication, information and exchange to all interested Athletes and Gyms in Europe. While some representatives and countries have been pretty busy and successful in the past years, some other countries have been quite inactive and silent. I think this might be the result of a kind of felt lack of information and support. And we want to change this!

On the website of Shooto Europe you now have the opportunity to get all information about Shooto, the rules, events and seminars, that are available and also provided by the Japan Shooto Association. Of course we need YOU to contribute to the european community of Shooters. You can register on this website for a lifetime free account and then provide information about your Gym. This will make it much easier for all of you to get in touch with each other. You can update your contact information at any time, so everybody of Shooto Europe has the opportunity to reach out to you. Make your Shooto Gym visible!

From January 1st 2019 on all official Shooto events will be organized and run on our Federation Platform on Smoothcomp. Smoothcomp is a worldwide recognized and used web-based software solution to run events with ease. Major martial arts organizations, as ADCC, the UAEJJF or ACB use this software with great success. Everything is run really smoothly by using the Software, starting from the registration, list of competitors, creating of brackets to providing the results worldwide in real time. Smoothcomp is available in 10 languages so everybody in Europe can use it without hassles. Our Federation Platform provides a calender of all events, detailed rankings and much more. So Shooto Europe has now unified rankings for Amateurs and Professional Shooto, as well as rankings for the specific active countries. Please take a look at the website of Smoothcomp and make yourself familiar with it, as this will be our standard procedure from next year on. The use of our monthly paid Federation Platform is free of charge for all of Shooto Europe.

Also we decided to tie closer bounds to the Japan Shooto Association by registering Official Shooto Gyms in Europe to the Japan Shooto Association. Official Shooto Gyms and its athletes have discounts on competitions fees, are officially permitted to host Shooto competitions and much more. Of course they can also use the Shooto logo and name for commercials and promotions.

I know that all of this is new to the most of you and for now it is a lot of information. So just take your time, make your thoughts, study the website and then make your decision. We would be glad to have you as a valuable member of Shooto Europe and look forward to work hard with you, to make Shooto a household name in all european countries.


Your Peter Angerer

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Head of Shooto in Germany and Owner of the German Top Team