The European Shooto Rankings are set-up!

The European Shooto Rankings are set-up!

Another huge step for the Shooto in Europe has been made. For the first time ever we have set up computer based online rankings for Amateurs and Professionals in Europe. All events hosted on the federation platform of Shooto Europe on Smoothcomp will be considered in these rankings automatically and the rankings are updated almost in real-time.

Shooto Germany has tested the ranking system throughout the current year and it has shown, that the rankings are beneficial to Shooto in multiple ways:

  1. It is a great tool for promotion of the Gyms
  2. Fighters are more motivated to compete
  3. The rankings show the true value of the fighters in the weight classes
  4. All profiles and records are automatically updated, so no fights get “lost” or wrong records occur

The rankings of Shooto Europe show fighters from all continents and countries. If you want to host your Shooto events on our federation platform for free and get all the benefits of it please send a mail to and we will get back to you promptly to answer your questions and support you.

About Peter Angerer

Head of Shooto in Germany and Owner of the German Top Team