Frequently asked Questions

Question: What are the benefits of a free lifetime membership?

Answer: By registering and signing up for a free lifetime membership with Shooto Europe you are permitted to create an entry of your Martial Arts School (“Gym”) in our directory to put your business on our map. You are allowed to use the term “Shooto” (in letters) to refer to your Mixed Martial Arts classes in your Gym. You can also get in touch with other non-official Shooto Gyms and official Shooto Gyms through our website, get information about upcoming events and seminars and participate in those events and seminars by yourself and with athletes of your Gym.

Question: What are the benefits of an annual membership as an “official Shooto Gym”?

Answer: From January 1st 2019 on only official Shooto Gyms on the territory of the european continent, certified by and registered with the Japan Shooto Association, are permitted to host official Shooto events in Europe. Those official Shooto Gyms are allowed to use the Shooto Logo and Shooto name to do promotions for their Gyms, events and business. By registering and signing up for an annual membership you will be granted these rights for 365 days after payment and approval. You then can create an entry for your official Shooto Gym on our website and your Gym is marked as “official Shooto Gym”. Your information will be forwarded to the Japan Shooto Association together with the payments of your annual fee and you will receive official certification by the Japan Shooto Association. Your Gym will also be listed on the website of the Japan Shooto Association as “official Shooto Gym”. After 365 days the membership is automatically renewed unless you canceled your subscription prior to the end of this period.

Question: Is there any fee for the athletes in my Gym to be a member of Shooto Europe?

Answer: No. Individual athletes are not charged a fee to be a member of the Shooto in Europe. As soon as their Gym is registered on our website for at least a free lifetime membership all athletes of this Gym are considered free members of Shooto Europe. But of course there may be still registration fees for national and international competitions or seminars for the participators.

Question: Why should I use the Smoothcomp Software for my tournaments?

Answer: Most important topic for Shooto in Europe and all countries is a unified system of rankings for both Amateurs and Professionals. Every Sport uses rankings, e.g. Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Wrestling etc. To set up unified rankings for all Shooters in Europe and the active countries we use the Federation Platform of Shooto Europe on Smoothcomp. The use of this Federation Platform on Smoothcomp is free for all Shooto members in Europe, so you can only benefit from its wide range of features and tools. To get used and understand the use of Smoothcomp we have added a Support Forum on this website here with several videos and webinars, which explain it in a very good and understandable way. From 2019 on only events, which are hosted on the free Federation Platform will be considered for the European Rankings and the National Rankings for each country.