Date for European Amateur Shooto Championships 2019

Date for European Amateur Shooto Championships 2019

The date for the biggest Amateur Shooto Event 2019 in Europe has been set. On Saturday, May 18th, Shooters from all over Europe will come together in Reutlingen (Germany) for the 18th installment of this event.

Japanese Shooto Legend and Head of the International Shooto Association Rumina Sato has already agreed to come to Germany to attend this event in person. Along with him he will bring a member of the ISC to teach and educate the european Shooto Referees and Judges, who get certified by the Japan Shooto Association after completition of the course.

The finalists in all weight classes are qualified to compete at the biggest Amateur Shooto event in the World, the All Japan Shooto Championships later that year in Japan.

So mark the date, prepare your fighters and bring your referees and judges to attend this great event of Shooto in Europe! More information and details coming soon!

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