Customized Scoreboards and settings for Shooto on Smoothcomp!

Customized Scoreboards and settings for Shooto on Smoothcomp!

As I have informed you previously I have had a videoconference with Ricard Carneborn of Smoothcomp yesterday. While the developer team of Smoothcomp is working on some specific points from this conference I am glad to tell you, that Shooto will have its own Scoreboards on Smoothcomp soon. Additionally they also work on some important topics, as:

  • The possibility of editing the rankings in each country by one assigned country representative
  • How to setup unified rankings based on information from different federation platforms (e.g. Asia and Europe)
  • How to setup reduced competion fees for fighters from specific gyms in a country, e.g. all fighters from an official Shooto Gym will have a reduced registration fee on competitions all over Europe

We expect satisfying results within the next weeks, so we can start the season 2019 under unified rules with standarized rankings all over europe, to make Shooto a real and recognizable sport in Europe.

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Head of Shooto in Germany and Owner of the German Top Team