Results of European Amateur Shooto Championships 2019

Last Saturday the annual Open European Amateur Shooto Championships have been hosted in Reutlingen (Germany) by Shooto Germany in the Wittumhalle. Under the guideance and presence of Rumina Sato (Japan Shooto Association), Takashi Ouchi (Japan Shooto Association), Tadashi Yokoyama (International Shooto Commission), Kazuhiro Sakamoto (Professional Shooto Japan) and Martijn de Jong (Shooto Europe) athletes from […]

Shooto Austria looks for fighters

Attention! Shooto Austria will host the WSFC on February 9th 2019 and is looking for fighters in the following divisions:   WSFC Shooto Austria Featherweight (-66kg)Titlefight. (3x5min) Opponent Gabriel Sabo/New Legacy Aarau   Amateur Women -57kg Opponent Franziska Blum/Carlson Gracie Austria   Amateur Women -61kg Opponent Nina Lorenz/La Familia FC Halle   Get […]

OKAMI and United Fightwear become official supplier of Shooto Europe

Another huge milestone for Shooto Europe has been mastered this week. Europe-wide Martial Arts Equipment dealer “United Fightwear” will be the official supplier of Shooto Europe with his brand “Okami“. Negotiations have been done for quite some months and now the deal is official. “United Fightwear” will produce a line of Equipment for Shooto in […]