All Japan Shooto Championships 2019

All Japan Shooto Championships 2019

With the edition of the annual Open European Amateur Shooto Championships for the first time european fighters have had the chance to qualify to compete in the annual All Japan Amateur Shooto Championships, the biggest Shooto competition in the world for decades now. With this article we will give available information we have so far to all qualified fighters and teams. The event will be held on Sunday, September 29th 2019 in the Odawara Stadium in Odawara (Japan). Odawara is about a 1-2 hour train ride away from Tokio.

Qualified Fighters

Male Juniors (have to be confirmed by JSA)

-56,7 kg
Enes Gülseven, Stallions Gym, Germany
Stanislav Senych, Godynets Dojo, Ukraine

-65,8 kg
Darnell Tyrone Krause, Renzo Gracie Hamburg, Germany
Oleksij Hurniev, Godynets Dojo, Ukraine


-56,7 kg
Manon Falcone, Parabellum Combat Club, France
Maud Valegeas, Parabellum Combat Club, France

-65,8 kg
Christina Brauchle, Luis Palharez Jiu-Jitsu, Germany
Charlotte Crochet, Parabellum Combat Club, France


-61,2 kg
Ian Odin Krause, Renzo Gracie Hamburg, Germany
Erik Kokeyan, Hammers Team Nürnberg, Germany

-65,8 kg
Roman Apolonov, Freelance, Germany
Ivan Konolosh, Godynets Dojo, Ukraine

-70,3 kg
Gian Lucas Werner, Combat Center Lüneburg, Germany
Thomas Pedretti, Parabellum Combat Club, France

-77,1 kg
Stefan Siegritz, Munich MMA,Germany
Timmy Bolliger, Munich MMA, Germany

-83,9 kg
Stephan Hazizovic, Combat Center Lüneburg, Germany
Werner Alber, Budokeller Bonlanden, Germany

-93,0 kg
Edis Bayraktar, Munich MMA, Germany
Eric Boteko, Schmitz Team, France

To ensure a complete and full registration, Shooto Europe will gather all data of the fighters who wish to participate and will forward it completely to the Japan Shooto Association. We are currently waiting for the information of the deadline of registration and will publish it as soon as available here on the website.

Please note:

  1. All fighters have to pay a registration fee to participate
  2. No expenses will be covered
  3. Fighters and coaches have to arrange the travel by themselfs
  4. Further expenses can arise for approved equipment

We will keep you posted with the latest news and info concerning the upcoming All Japan Amateur Shooto Championships, so please make sure to check back here on a regular basis to avoid missing information.

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